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Want to Have a Restaurant Business With Little Capital


When you want to open his own restaurant, often some doubt in your mind. One of the reasons you think the restaurant business that you will live require large capital and qualified experience.

With these doubts, the dream to get multiple benefits from the culinary business, a long time will be lost. Yet doubts like this are not always true. Because a lot of ways to have a restaurant, although with minimal capital.

Learn these tips so that you can have the restaurant business even minimal experience and minimal capital:
1. Determine the business model

The franchise business model, or often referred to as the franchise be an appropriate alternative for those with little capital and lack experience.

In the restaurant business, a franchise system has been proven to be able to realize many dreams are similar in Indonesia. You do not need to bother thinking about the business system as well as promotional activities, shopping raw materials, for all needs have been prepared tesebut franchise owner who is also known as the franchisor.

The main advantage of the restaurant franchise business model is the value of investments that are less than open his own restaurant business. Another advantage, you can join in existing business systems.

Make a cost comparison of many franchise restaurants that interest you. Pilihllah franchise that has a system that has worked well and proven to survive within two or three years, and has terms and low cost.

2. Looking for cheap capital

Who says having a culinary or restaurant businesses need big capital? You do not need to have ready-cash (money ready to use) in large quantities to start a business. Count carefully the financial needs to start a restaurant, and then look for cheap funds from the Loan (KTA).

For example, the cost of licensing a fast food restaurant franchise in Indonesia as well as a wide range of equipment is USD 60 million. You are an employee with an income of Rp 5 million per month and have monthly living expenses reached Rp 4 million. That is, you have a chance to save Rp 1 million per month to open the business.

With this scheme, you can collect a capital of USD 60 million within 60 months or 5 years. It does not include salary increases each year and THR bonus or you receive each year from the company.

If you get THR each year of Rp 5 million per year, of which about US $ 3 million set aside to add to your savings, then in one year you will have a savings of Rp 15 million (obtained from US $ 1 million over 12 months plus allowance THR Rp 3 million). That is, capital of USD 60 million can be obtained in just 4 years!
In order to speed up the collection of venture capital, you can use loans without collateral (KTA) from the bank. The loan you can pay each month from business profits.

After the loan is paid off, effort and your equipment are yours entirely. Furthermore you can find a loan KTA again to grow your business.

In contrast to regular loans, KTA is more flexible because it has a fixed rate and does not need to provide a guarantee (collateral) in any bank.

Reasons To Get An Online Car Insurance


car insurance photoEverything is available online. So when it comes to car insurance, why does one have to pay additional brokerage fees to the agent when one can find options online to get things done without spending any additional amount. Moreover buying car insurance online is convenient and quick. When it comes to online car insurance, most companies offer third party liability insurance and comprehensive car insurance. The motor vehicles act, 1988 of India mandates third party liability cover for all motor vehicles private or commercial plying on Indian roads. Availing a comprehensive cover will ensure third party liability cover along with own damage cover of losses and damages to you and your car.

Online Car Insurance And Its Important Features

As with any car insurance policy, features such as Insured Declared Value (IDV), no claim bonus, add-on covers, zero depreciation cover and so on, also need to be considered while purchasing online car insurance. However, the major benefit of online car insurance is that the important features and quotes can be compared across insurance companies easily and quickly. Some additional features of purchasing car insurance online are given below:

  1. It is Cheaper: purchasing car insurance online is far cheaper than buying it offline. Various companies, through their online portals, offer lower rates on online policies.
  2. Saving the Environment: Paperwork is always messy and tedious. Buying online reduces the hassle of paperwork by offering a simple solution that requires a few steps.
  3. Convenience:  By entering a few details, one gets to choose and compare various other plans right from the comfort of your home, thereby saving time and avoiding the hassle of standing in lines.
  4. Instant Processing: Processing paperwork requires a lot of time. Buying plans online cuts down on the time and information is processed in an instant along with the policy.
  5. Endorsements: Any change that needs to be submitted to the insurance company requires an endorsement form. The process takes a lot of time. To save time, online insurance policies give the option of a simple self-declaration which can be done at the click of a button.
  6. Back-Up: Rather than worrying about where the hard copy of the offline policy is kept, online insurance policies can be saved right in your inbox. Insurance companies also provide you with a user account on their site, where your policy can be accessed at any time, from any place.
  7. Reviews: Policies keep on updating and it’s a task keeping a tab on each update. Online policies allow you to not only keep a tab on the latest update but also check and compare various other features of different policies. Also, you get to read other customers reviews and experience with the company.
  8. Renewal Reminders: Because all the data is stored online, timely reminders are set that inform you of the renewal date.

What Are The Benefits of Online Car Insurance?

  • Online car insurance policies are issued from a licenced web aggregator which is registered with the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA). So, the data is safely secured and one shouldn’t worry about the authenticity. One can also avail the insurance policy on the company website directly.
  • Online insurance policies are reliable, easy and convenient to operate. Premium payments can be made via debit card, credit card or internet banking. These online transactions are absolutely safe so one need not worry about security.
  • The policies are issued instantly after the payment of the premium and are available online at all times.
  • Policy documents can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Even if the policyholder is on a vacation and renewal date is near, the online option will allow the policyholder to renew the policy online.
  • 24*7 calling assistance is available along with SMS updates for claiming support even on holidays. Details/ questions about the policies and its renewal can be repeatedly posed to the support groups without actually having to visit the office of the company.
  • Online car insurance plans have the benefit of incurring the cost in the event of loss of keys or security risks.
  • The policyholder is granted compensation for permanent disability or death of passengers (other than the driver) in cases of bodily injuries arising due to accidents.
  • Online car insurance policies help cover the cost of consumables such as engine oil, coolant, brake oil, etc.
  • Plans are available that allow the policyholder the facility of obtaining cash benefits if the insured car is in a workshop following accidental damage.
  • Insurance plans are available that allow the policyholder to be indemnified in case of loss or damaged caused to his/her personal baggage that is kept in the insured car.

In order to escape the emotional torture, inconvenience and stress caused by paperwork, online car insurances are the go-to options that not only save time, but provide a hassle free experience.

Do You Have What it Takes to be an Internet Marketing Superstar


We are a unique breed.

Talk of bounce rates, A/B split testing, conversions, affiliate marketing and page impressions gets us excited (maybe a bit TOO excited).

In our free-time, pulling out a Seth Godin book, re-reading training material from Ryan Deiss, or checking out the latest post on Mashable sounds about as good as it gets.

We are hard-core. Do you have what it takes?

If youre not sure whether youre TRULY an internet marketing superstar, Id encourage you to take this short quiz and see how you do (answers below).

Define the following online marketing acronyms:

CTR ________________________
CPM ________________________
CPA _________________________
CPL __________________________
CPC __________________________

CTR = Click Through Rate. Number of clicks on an ad divided by the number of times the ad was shown. Eg: 100 clicks / 10000 impressions = 1% CTR
CPM = Cost per 1000 Impressions. Cost expressed in dollars of an ad per 1000 impressions or pageviews. Eg: $5.00 CPM = $5.00 for every 1000 impressions.
SEO = Search Engine Optimization. Improving the ranking of a website through the use of organic techniques.
PPC = Pay-per-Click. Method of online advertising where the advertiser pays based on how many click throughs there are to their website.
CPA = Cost per Action. Method of online advertising where the advertiser pays based on how many of a particular action is taken (eg. Subscriptions, leads, sales, etc.)
SEM = Search Engine Marketing. Increasing traffic to a website through the use of organic and paid online advertising.
B2B = Business to Business (marketing). Marketing exclusively to other businesses.
B2C = Business to Consumer (marketing). Marketing exclusively to the consumer.
CPL = Cost per Lead. Amount advertiser pays for each lead generated by ad (registrations, subscriptions, etc.).
CPC = Cost per Click. Amount advertiser pays for each click generated by ad.
CPS = Cost per Sale. Amount advertiser pays for each sale generated by ad.
CR = Conversion Rate. Number of conversions an ad or website gets divided by total number of visits. Eg: 100 sales / 10000 visits = 1% CR
PPI = Pay per Impression. Advertiser pays based for each ad impression.
PPS = Pay per Sale. Advertiser pays for each sale generated through the ad.
KPI = Key Performance Indicator. Way of measuring progress towards specific goals. KPIs are decided on within an organization and then tracked to ensure company is meeting its goals.
SERP = Search Engine Results Page. The list of sites a search engine returns when you request a search.
URL = Uniform Resource Locator. Address of a website on the web.
ASV = Average Subscriber Value. On average, the cash value generated by each email or website subscriber.

So, how did you do? Are you an internet marketing superstar?

Weve even written about some of these acronyms

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10 Tips for an Effective Facebook PPC Campaign

5 SEO Tips for Your Facebook Fan Page

Increase Your Product Sales By Running Business Marketing Campaign


Mobile Business and Product Marketing plays an important role in managing and continuously increasing your Products sales and get profit. Companies make use of numerous techniques for implementing their marketing campaign like articles in newspaper, Email marketing and SMS Marketing as well as bill boards which consists of traditional marketing way. Product endorsement helps in increasing and boosting up your Business sales by text messaging.

As an entrepreneur, your ultimate goal behind running a Business is to achieve higher ROI (Return of Investment) from their Companies with attaining maximum Customer satisfaction. So, Business Promotion is a very mandatory and important step for creating awareness about your product features and specifications. Bulk Messaging (Group Text Messaging) helps in sending multiple Text messages to your worldwide clients and customers without any need of broadband connectivity.

DRPU Bulk SMS Software for Business product endorsement helps in sending both standard and promotional text messages to your globally scattered Business Contacts. DRPU Software helps in targeting your Business clients by sending them Promotional Messages directly to their Mobile phone. DRPU Bulk Messaging Application provides Delay Delivery feature that ensures reliable message Service by tackling Network Congestion. Software supports all GSM, Android, Windows and Blackberry phones to send Bulk Messages all around the world.

To achieve more success and revenue from your Business products, it is very important to endorse your products in various parts of the world. DRPU Bulk SMS Software helps in composing and sending text messages in English and Non-English characters to support various languages spoken in different parts of the world. This helps in targeting potential customers and clients in various countries to achieve business growth in very less time without any need of investing huge cost.

Features of Bulk SMS Software:-
1-Deliver text message from Mobiles connected with PC to multiple mobile users.
2-Provide services on GSM, Windows, Blackberry and Android Based Mobile Devices.
3-Provide Option to Add Contact numbers directly by importing Mobile numbers from Phonebook or from Excel File of your Computer.
4-Send both Standard as well as Personalized text messages to your Global users.
5-Unicode Character support for sending bulk messages in English and Non English characters.
6-Software eliminates Duplicate Number entries from your Message Sending List.
7-Stores sent text messages in a Folder for Future uses.
8-Resend Failed SMS to ensure reliable messaging service.

A Bpo Insider Addresses Risk Management In Business Outsourcing


Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) can easily come off as a complex industry full of used car salesmen types. However, there is no doubt that American businesses are reaping the benefits associated with outsourcing. I had the opportunity to recently interview, Rohit Barman, consultant for 30 year old BPO service provider, DPS Technologies, who outlined some key outsourcing know-how’s for any business considering the offshore advantage.
Barman is the president of DPS America, and a 2nd generation BPO agent. His experience includes setting up a HIPAA compliant KPO- centric customer support facility for a Medicare Part D program catering to 70,000 beneficiaries, establishing a BPO-centric 24/7 medical emergency response service, and founding a NY based internet marketing solutions provider with an offshore facility in Kolkata, India.
Q: Describe the role of the “middle man” in business process outsourcing. What makes an executive at a BPO vendor fit this description?
A: A “middle man” is traditionally an outsourcing agent, usually lives in the United States, and is of the same ethnic background of the BPO vendor.

Q: Which BPO services do you recommend outsourcing? and which ones would you say no to?
A: It really depends on the country you are outsourcing to.
When it comes to IT software, internet marketing, and data entry work, India is clearly the offshore leader.
For customer support efficiencies (cell centers), the Philippines has pretty incredible results. Their spoken English skills are comparable, if not better than most Americans.
For hardware support, I would recommend China or Taiwan.
I would not recommend outsourcing art direction, writing/ editing, telemarketing, or any service that requires higher level familiarity with our local culture & communication.
Q: Fraud is an unfortunate side effect of any business, and the complexity of a BPO service certainly opens the door for various types of scams. Have you ever seen an outsourcing executive resort to a pricing scam like bait-and-switch, hidden fees, or false billing?
A: Being a 2nd generation BPO middle men, I have grown up in the outsourcing world. I’ve worked as a BPO vendor, BPO buyer, and a BPO middle man. In my experience, I have witnessed pricing scams, but I’ve actively stayed clear from affiliating myself with such businesses. BPO executives are no different than executives of US firms. You should not sign a deal, till you are comfortable with your research & analyzed your risk.
Q: Have you ever witnessed a BPO executive exaggerate what they can deliver in order to make a sale, or charge higher rates?
A: Of-course, the good news is that I’m familiar with global BPO rates & service standards, and utilize my familiarity to negotiate pricing.
Q: How can a company be on guard for these types of unethical practices, ensuring that the value they get from outsourcing is real? What can a BPO buyer do to ensure transparency, reliability, and data security in their deal with an offshore vendor?
A: Business should not underestimate the amount of research and background checks you have to do when selecting an outsourcing vendor, even if they were recommended to you. Some imperative research includes asking yourself…

Who is the middle man/ agent? – look up records for felony, fraud, and other potential misdemeanors in the United States. There are several BPO middle men in the United States who have settled law suits out of court, and have paid their way back into building a business reputation. Ignoring such an important red flag is no different than getting married to a heroin addict – your partnership is doomed.
Look up the BPO production facility to see how long they have been around? Ask for local references, and verify them.
Don’t fall victim to the “yes, we can do everything spiel. I’ve heard it a million times.

Q: Is it possible to settle on a performance scale that uses accepted methods?
A: Buyers should always set up a quality management system in-house. If you open this up to the BPO vendor, you risk being exposed to improper reporting. Conduct monthly reviews based on quantitative reasoning.
Q: While there are always a few of the proverbial “bad apples” in every industry, what has been your overall experience working with BPO companies?
A: A good outsourcing partnership could be a lifelong marriage. If trust & efficiency can be established within the first 6 months to a year, the BPO vendor & business buyer will experience significantly stronger ROI & customer service satisfaction.

How Globalization Of E-commerce Is Helpful For Business


Electronic commerce, commonly known as e-commerce and e-comm., is the buying and selling of products or services over electronic system such as internet and other computer networks. E-commerce is commonly used for net banking, online shopping etc…

This paper examines how globalization of e-commerce is impacting business in general. With the increase of internet-based technologies, it has been the reason for recent stimulus globalization. In this Information Age, Internet commerce is a powerful tool in the economic growth of developing countries. While there are indications of ecommerce patronage among large firms in developing countries, there seems to be little and negligible use of the Internet for commerce among small and medium sized firms. E-commerce ensures better business in the SMEs and sustainable development of economics for developing countries.

E-commerce allows companies to increase their sales in domestic and foreign operations and the flexibility afforded by the technology also provides less costly opportunities to locate operations strategically. E-commerce not only reduces communication costs, but also increases flexibility in locating activities. Research point indicates that internet technology has led to an increase in international trade (Freund and Weinhold, 2002, 2004). This is the evidence of how it suggests profits from foreign operations have also increased in recent years (Hilsenrath, 2005). In the emerging global economy, e-commerce has increasingly become a necessary component of business strategy being a strong catalyst for economic development.
Integration of information and communications technology (ICT) in business has evolved the relationships within organizations and those between and among organizations and individuals. The controversial current social and economic trends are globalization and the widespread adoption of information and communication technologies (ICTs). Many argue that these two trends are closely associated, each driving the other forward, and both being driven by other common forces, such as trade liberalization, deregulation, migration, and the expansion of capitalism and democracy (c.f., Held et al., 1999). Pohjola (2002) argues that the twin forces of globalization and the ICT revolution are combining to create the so-called New Economy, marked by higher rates of economic and productivity growth.

“Technology is both driven by and a driver of globalization, as both forces continually reinforce one another” cited by (Bradley et al., 1993).Specifically, the use of ICT for ecommerce in business has enhanced productivity, encouraged greater customer participation, and enabled mass customization, besides reducing costs. Prior to development in the Internet and Web-based technologies, the distinctions between traditional markets and the global electronic marketplace-such as business capital size, among others-are gradually being narrowed down.

Together with the appropriate strategy and policy approach with e-commerce enables small and medium scale enterprises to compete with large capital-rich businesses. On another plane, developing countries are given increased access to the global marketplace, where they compete with and complement of the more developed economies. Most of the developing countries are already participating in e-commerce, either as sellers or buyers. However, to facilitate e-commerce growth in these countries based on globalization phenomenal, the relatively under-developed information infrastructure must be improved. Significantly, economic trend of the past decade is the growing use of the Internet for conducting business.

Lloyds Banking Group Credit card system


If you are interested in the banking field or just happen to know some of the famous and successful bankers of all time you must have heard of the António Horta who is the most renowned banker of the current times. Even if you are not that much into banking field you still must have heard the name of António Horta over the news in the TV channels or in newspapers and whenever the name of António comes up along with comes the name of one of the most popular and the most trusted banking group which is the Lloyds Banking Group. All United Kingdom for sure is very well aware of this banking group as it is serving nationwide and even worldwide with their financial services. António Horta the CEO of this huge banking group that also includes the Bank of Scotland and not only this many other banking firms names that people are familiar with are related to Lloyds Banking Group. Lloyds Banking Group is known very well for all the financial services that they provide to the people of the United Kingdom and even some other countries. As we all know how much the Lloyds banking group is involved in the modern banking techniques we should also be aware that they have their very own credit card system.

Credit Card system and its benefits

A credit card is the type of card with the help of which you can make instant payments from your bank account with a single swipe and you don’t have to carry the cash around. There are certainly some things for the payment of which you would have to carry a lot amount of the cash but with the credit card system, this problem is a minute. All the major banking firms have their own credit card system that allows their customers a great amount of benefit and by having their own credit card system the bank will be handling all of the matters on their own and you won’t have to worry about a thing. Being the supporter of the modern banking system the Lloyds Banking Group has their own credit card system providing all of their clients with the facility of their own credit cards.

How does Lloyds Banking Group help to manage your credit cards?

Lloyds Banking Group under the supervision of their CEO, António Horta has been holding their credit card system very well. This group has some of the great advice for you in order to manage your credit card which is as follows

First of all set, you limit usage with your credit card because with credit card in hand you will be always having cash ready and you can spend money more than your budget. So it’s better to set a limit and make sure you are within that limit of expenditure.

If you are having any type of issue with the payment you can contact your issuer and can get it fixed right away. Your record helps you keep tabs on where the problem has been occurring and the root of your problem can be easily identified.

Make sure that you will be able to repay what you are borrowing so you won’t be left in the debt. This thing will also help you to keep your expenses under control.

Business Brokerages How Do They Aid In Selling Your Business


Advertising a business for sale in sunshine coast by the proprietor or via a business broker in sunshine coast on a business broker journal network does offer several clear benefits for you, the seller. Let us discuss the benefits of every approach.

How are business brokerages able to aid me in selling my business?

In the event of you not being comfortable handling the job of doing the sale yourself, a business broker in brisbane possibly will be worth the sum you will shell out. The businesses for sale sunshine coast must be approached with a great deal more formality compared to the sale of house. Making use of a broker provides you with an expert who is able to aid you in preparing your business for sale, finding a buyer who would be paying top dollar, and negotiating the particulars.

1.) Bearing the load: selling of your business does require a great deal of attention and time, two things which you possibly will not be able to keep while carrying on with the everyday operational necessities of having to run your business. Passing the selling, bargaining and closing accountabilities to a business broker is going to let you concentrate on your business.

2.) Discretion: when registering a business for vending by owner, the landlord discloses that his enterprises for sale, consequently having an effect on the association with the community and likely employees, buyers, suppliers and added associates. A high-quality business broker is able to promote a corporation for sale in a manner that shields the identity of the owner and successfully screen prospective buyers to make certain that theyre competent and serious on purchasing.

3.) Close more rapidly: with the business broker working around the clock on the sale, possibilities are that the deal is going to be completed a great deal sooner and for a greater price. To locate a business broker in your neighborhood, click find a broker.

4.) Consumer interaction: in the event of business brokerages selling businesses, the owners caught up are very infrequently able to have a word with would-be purchasers. Being able to have a word directly with somebody will provide you with an idea of whether he really wants the business and the way in which he could run it and thus stay in contact with your broker on a regular basis for keep yourself informed on all prospect-associated conversations.

Regardless of you selling your business by yourself or using business brokerages, promoting on the business broker journal network is able to help you collect the biggest number of profitable offers inside the shortest possible time, guaranteeing a win-win circumstance for you as well as your buyer.

what’s In A Name – Just Your Business Survival!


What’s so important about how I sign my name?”

I get asked that question all of the time from my business consulting clients.

I tell them that a better question to ask me is this:

“Who cares about how I sign my name?”

The answer is a simple one.


FINE PRINT: Except… your customers and clients, your creditors, your bank, your mortgage company, your landlord, the I.R.S… oh yes… and anyone else that wants to SUE YOU (and don’t forget ALL their lawyers!).

As in many areas of the law, the exception to the rule swallows up the rule!

What do I mean by this?

Well, let’s start with some basics. For instance, if you’ve already formed a corporation or limited liability company (LLC), you may think that you’re already protected from personal liability in the event of a lawsuit against your business.

In general, the rule is that a corporation or LLC, if formed correctly, and if all of the formalities required under the law of the State where the entity was formed are followed, does protect you from personal liability for business debts and lawsuits.

FINE PRINT: Except… when you choose to do business as an individual, and not as the corporation or LLC that you initially formed.

You see, whenever you sign documents like contracts, purchase orders, contractual agreements, leases, loans, mortgages, promissory notes, and most other legal documents involving your business, you need to make sure that you sign your name only in your business capacity.

You MUST avoid signing your name in your individual capacity.

And how do you do that? It’s pretty simple. You see, the format that you use to sign your name is the controlling factor.

In many cases, you as the business owner, sign your name without knowing how to properly sign your name to business documents. In fact, most business owners of corporations and LLC’s still sign legally binding agreements in their individual capacity…and not as the business.


If you have formed a corporation or an LLC, you must remember to sign all contracts, agreements, invoices, etc… as an agent of the business.

For example… Many business owners haphazardly, or perhaps inadvertently, sign legal documents like the format shown in

EXAMPLE 1 below:


John Doe

“But what is the consequence of signing my name like in EXAMPLE 1 above to invoices, agreements, or documents?”

EXAMPLE 1 and the above signature format legally establishes that YOU have signed the contract, invoice, loan, or agreement as an individual.

And not as an agent on behalf of your business.

If you sign your name to agreements in the form depicted in EXAMPLE 1 above, YOU could very well be liable personally to meet all of the terms of the agreement.

And you likely don’t want to do this!

Why Simply out, because you’re therefore subjecting all of your business assets and personal assets as well to the risk of a lawsuit.

If you sign agreements as depicted in EXAMPLE 1 above, YOU will very likely be named personally, as well as your business, in any lawsuit filed against the business.

Remember then:

Signing your name like in EXAMPLE 1 above DOES NOT establish that you have signed the agreement as an agent on behalf of your business.

“Okay. So how should I sign my name to my invoices, contracts, leases, loans, or any other business agreements?

What simple step can I take to protect my business, and my personal assets as well?


Make sure that you only sign legal documents, letters, memos, invoices, loans, leases, etc… as an agent of your business.

How must I sign my name to any legal document or agreement to show that I am signing only as an agent of my business?

Follow EXAMPLE 2 below:



BY: John Doe
President (Company Title)

If you sign your name on the dotted line following the exact format depicted in Example 2 above, you legally establish that you are only signing as an agent on behalf of the business…and not in your individual capacity.

But you MUST follow the Example 2 precisely.

CAVEAT: Another very important point on this topic.

AVOID SIGNING documents that state “PERSONAL GUARANTY” on them.

A Personal Guaranty is usually a separate legal document attached to the main agreement. You generally see a Personal Guaranty in a loan, mortgage, or lease. However, sometimes a Personal Guaranty can be established just by the way you sign the legal document, invoice, lease, or agreement.


Simple. If the agreement merely has a signature line that has your individual name on it without any reference to your business name, you are signing the document as a Personal Guaranty. You are therefore personally liable for that agreement if you sign the agreement with such a signature line.

But, what do I do if I am being required to sign a Personal Guaranty, like for a business loan or commercial lease for example?

If a Personal Guaranty is required, you or your lawyer should negotiate a limited period of time (the shortest possible) that the Personal Guaranty will bind you as an individual.

Remember, if you formed a corporation or LLC in the first place, you did it to avoid personal liability and to protect your personal assets. Anyone who does business with your company should, and usually does, know this. So, be careful. Other possibilities can be negotiated too. Just do your best not to sign in your personal capacity by signing a Personal Guaranty.

It’s important to remember to only sign legal documents, invoices, and even letters as an agent of your business. (Follow the format found in EXAMPLE 2 above).

How else can I make sure that I am signing my name properly to all of my business documents?

Call your attorney to review all of your agreements, invoices, leases, and legal documents BEFORE you sign them. Your attorney will offer sound advice that protects YOU, your loved ones, and your business.

Now, let’s review.

What’s in a name?

Well… besides your business…

…it could be all of YOUR personal and family assets!

The best advicve especially in the midst of tough economic times or a Recession, is to have any document you sign first reviewed by your lawyer or business consultant.

Copyright (c) 2008. Miguel Mendez, Jr. All rights reserved.

Deciphering The Most Beneficial Home Business Ideas


When you are thinking of home based business tips, exactly what are the things that come to your thoughts? We all know that it is comfortable to work in the comfort of your home, but do you visualize your self in a huge organization in about 10 or 20 years? This is something which a lot of people are trying to take into account and they’re not trying this out simply because they feel that you can’t be successful if you will create a home-based business. Before you decide to guess the future you will likely have, try to have a look at the different benefits that you can obtain if you will start out your house business today.
Earning while you’re staying at home is unquestionably one of the explanations why many individuals are considering home-based companies. They will favor this set up rather than going to the office and worrying your self all day.

With all the internet business concepts that you have got, you’ll be able to literally make money in the convenience of your home. You don’t have to go outside and operate in the place of work.

Most of you’ve got always desired to work at home and you’ll be able to expect that a home-based business could make this feasible. This will definitely assist in decreasing the stress in your workplace.

Numerous people actually wished to have flexible working hours and you’ll need to expect that home-based companies can help provide this. Are you already sick and tired of working from early morning until afternoon? You will surely have a flexible time if you’re going to operate in your home and start generating revenue.

You will have all the time in the world to work in your house. You can start out working for an hour or two or start late. You cannot do this if you’re working for a company simply because they actually a very rigid time frame that they’re always employing. Nevertheless, home-based companies will offer you the time versatility that you always desired.

The folks who considered online business concepts started out to realize that it is cheaper and more profitable to start out your firm at home. Generally, the operation expenses will not be included when you’re only working at house and you don’t have to spend a lot of money or borrow cash to build your business.

It is possible to also have the chance to expand your business with respect to the customers that you already have and the money that you are making. This is undoubtedly a great concept if you’d like to generate income with no need to spend a lot for a company. The income will not easily come to you when you begin the business, but if you understand what you are doing, it will certainly develop into something wonderful.

It is feasible to always check out the best home based business ideas because of their benefits. You are able to earn plenty of money even with no need to spend a lot for the operation costs or prepare a large capital. If you know what to do, you will definitely advantage from this.