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Reasons To Get An Online Car Insurance


car insurance photoEverything is available online. So when it comes to car insurance, why does one have to pay additional brokerage fees to the agent when one can find options online to get things done without spending any additional amount. Moreover buying car insurance online is convenient and quick. When it comes to online car insurance, most companies offer third party liability insurance and comprehensive car insurance. The motor vehicles act, 1988 of India mandates third party liability cover for all motor vehicles private or commercial plying on Indian roads. Availing a comprehensive cover will ensure third party liability cover along with own damage cover of losses and damages to you and your car.

Online Car Insurance And Its Important Features

As with any car insurance policy, features such as Insured Declared Value (IDV), no claim bonus, add-on covers, zero depreciation cover and so on, also need to be considered while purchasing online car insurance. However, the major benefit of online car insurance is that the important features and quotes can be compared across insurance companies easily and quickly. Some additional features of purchasing car insurance online are given below:

  1. It is Cheaper: purchasing car insurance online is far cheaper than buying it offline. Various companies, through their online portals, offer lower rates on online policies.
  2. Saving the Environment: Paperwork is always messy and tedious. Buying online reduces the hassle of paperwork by offering a simple solution that requires a few steps.
  3. Convenience:  By entering a few details, one gets to choose and compare various other plans right from the comfort of your home, thereby saving time and avoiding the hassle of standing in lines.
  4. Instant Processing: Processing paperwork requires a lot of time. Buying plans online cuts down on the time and information is processed in an instant along with the policy.
  5. Endorsements: Any change that needs to be submitted to the insurance company requires an endorsement form. The process takes a lot of time. To save time, online insurance policies give the option of a simple self-declaration which can be done at the click of a button.
  6. Back-Up: Rather than worrying about where the hard copy of the offline policy is kept, online insurance policies can be saved right in your inbox. Insurance companies also provide you with a user account on their site, where your policy can be accessed at any time, from any place.
  7. Reviews: Policies keep on updating and it’s a task keeping a tab on each update. Online policies allow you to not only keep a tab on the latest update but also check and compare various other features of different policies. Also, you get to read other customers reviews and experience with the company.
  8. Renewal Reminders: Because all the data is stored online, timely reminders are set that inform you of the renewal date.

What Are The Benefits of Online Car Insurance?

  • Online car insurance policies are issued from a licenced web aggregator which is registered with the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA). So, the data is safely secured and one shouldn’t worry about the authenticity. One can also avail the insurance policy on the company website directly.
  • Online insurance policies are reliable, easy and convenient to operate. Premium payments can be made via debit card, credit card or internet banking. These online transactions are absolutely safe so one need not worry about security.
  • The policies are issued instantly after the payment of the premium and are available online at all times.
  • Policy documents can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Even if the policyholder is on a vacation and renewal date is near, the online option will allow the policyholder to renew the policy online.
  • 24*7 calling assistance is available along with SMS updates for claiming support even on holidays. Details/ questions about the policies and its renewal can be repeatedly posed to the support groups without actually having to visit the office of the company.
  • Online car insurance plans have the benefit of incurring the cost in the event of loss of keys or security risks.
  • The policyholder is granted compensation for permanent disability or death of passengers (other than the driver) in cases of bodily injuries arising due to accidents.
  • Online car insurance policies help cover the cost of consumables such as engine oil, coolant, brake oil, etc.
  • Plans are available that allow the policyholder the facility of obtaining cash benefits if the insured car is in a workshop following accidental damage.
  • Insurance plans are available that allow the policyholder to be indemnified in case of loss or damaged caused to his/her personal baggage that is kept in the insured car.

In order to escape the emotional torture, inconvenience and stress caused by paperwork, online car insurances are the go-to options that not only save time, but provide a hassle free experience.

Lloyds Banking Group Credit card system


If you are interested in the banking field or just happen to know some of the famous and successful bankers of all time you must have heard of the António Horta who is the most renowned banker of the current times. Even if you are not that much into banking field you still must have heard the name of António Horta over the news in the TV channels or in newspapers and whenever the name of António comes up along with comes the name of one of the most popular and the most trusted banking group which is the Lloyds Banking Group. All United Kingdom for sure is very well aware of this banking group as it is serving nationwide and even worldwide with their financial services. António Horta the CEO of this huge banking group that also includes the Bank of Scotland and not only this many other banking firms names that people are familiar with are related to Lloyds Banking Group. Lloyds Banking Group is known very well for all the financial services that they provide to the people of the United Kingdom and even some other countries. As we all know how much the Lloyds banking group is involved in the modern banking techniques we should also be aware that they have their very own credit card system.

Credit Card system and its benefits

A credit card is the type of card with the help of which you can make instant payments from your bank account with a single swipe and you don’t have to carry the cash around. There are certainly some things for the payment of which you would have to carry a lot amount of the cash but with the credit card system, this problem is a minute. All the major banking firms have their own credit card system that allows their customers a great amount of benefit and by having their own credit card system the bank will be handling all of the matters on their own and you won’t have to worry about a thing. Being the supporter of the modern banking system the Lloyds Banking Group has their own credit card system providing all of their clients with the facility of their own credit cards.

How does Lloyds Banking Group help to manage your credit cards?

Lloyds Banking Group under the supervision of their CEO, António Horta has been holding their credit card system very well. This group has some of the great advice for you in order to manage your credit card which is as follows

First of all set, you limit usage with your credit card because with credit card in hand you will be always having cash ready and you can spend money more than your budget. So it’s better to set a limit and make sure you are within that limit of expenditure.

If you are having any type of issue with the payment you can contact your issuer and can get it fixed right away. Your record helps you keep tabs on where the problem has been occurring and the root of your problem can be easily identified.

Make sure that you will be able to repay what you are borrowing so you won’t be left in the debt. This thing will also help you to keep your expenses under control.