Guide on Filling in a Financial Affidavit Form


When a couple gets married, they must sign a marriage certificate. When they divorce, they have to sign another document to revoke the marriage certificate. At the same time, they are also required to provide their financial information to the court so that a right decision on the division of the property and assets can be made. There is a form that you have to fill in and the financial documents are to be attached along with this form. The form is called the Financial Affidavit form. It can be downloaded from the Judicial Branch website of your state or you can obtain it from the court clerk.

General Affidavit


There are two types of affidavit forms; the long version is for those with high income while the short version is for those with low income. The general affidavit form you download from the Judicial Branch website is a digital fillable PDF. You can fill it by hand if you want. However, it will be more convenient to fill in the digital form since it can perform an automatic calculation on the average income/expenses you enter. You will need to open the digital fillable PDF form in a PDF editor like Movavi PDF Editor in order to fill in your information.

When you launch the software, just drop the PDF file inside the dashed rectangle to open it. The thumbnail of the PDF will appear. You are to click on the thumbnail to select and open the PDF. After that, you can insert the cursor into each blank field and start typing in your information. You must make sure you save the form as you type in your information into each field. Saving the form is easy; you just need to click on the Save button on the top left corner.

When filling the financial affidavit form, always start by filling the instruction section on top. Some of the information that you are to provide in the instructions section are docket number, case name, name, and address of the court of hearing. You also have to check whether you are a plaintiff or defendant. The plaintiff is the person who started the case. If your spouse started the case, you will be the defendant.

In the income section, you must provide information on your average income and expenses. The average income/expenses must be based on a track record of at least 13 weeks. In the mandatory deductions section, you also have to provide information on the average deductions such as income tax, insurance, and child alimony.

Along with the form, you must include copies of your pay stubs, bills, checkbook and bank account statements. Every question on the form must be answered. If you see an irrelevant question, you can put in none in the field as the answer. When you’ve finished filling in the form, don’t put down your signature first. This is because that you are supposed to swear the information on the form before signing it.

You will have to take the form to your local lawyer or county clerk and swear the information you’ve provided in the form. After that, you can sign the form and the lawyer will be the witness. The last step is to make 3 copies of the signed affidavit form – one copy is for sending to your spouse’s lawyer, the second copy is for your own record, the third copy must be brought along when you attend the court hearing.

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