Two Reasons Pittsburgh Fans like Nick Bova Love the City so Much

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Pittsburgh has bounded back from difficult times to become one of the country’s best places to live. Local boosters like one named “Nick Bova” are confident that even more people will soon discover just how much Pittsburgh has to offer. There are many reasons to consider relocating to this jewel of western Pennsylvania, at least a few of which anyone will be able to appreciate.

A Revitalized Pittsburgh Has Much to Offer to Everyone

Pittsburgh was once legendary for being the site of much of the nation’s steel production. While plenty of lingering signs of these bygone times remain, today’s Pittsburgh is a very different place.

Instead of the massive steel foundries that used to belch smoke around the clock, modern Pittsburgh relies on a much more diverse economic base. Of particular note are the many high-tech startup companies that frequently form symbiotic relationships with researchers at Carnegie Mellon University.

There are many reasons why so many residents now consider Pittsburgh an especially desirable place to live, as well. Some of those that most often come up in conversation include:

  • Affordability. With average house prices in many California cities standing firmly in the seven figure range, Pittsburgh is a breath of fresh air for many would-be homeowners. It consistently ranks as one of the most affordable urban centers in which to buy a home, especially relatively to the level of economic opportunity. That alone helps attract many business owners and workers to the city each year, with the situation remaining remarkably stable.
  • Beauty. Pittsburgh’s legacy of steel production was made possible, in part, by its location at the intersection of three significant rivers. Instead of allowing for the transportation of raw materials and finished steel, those waterways now brighten up the daily lives of residents. At the same time, many thousands of acres of green spaces distributed well across the city add another dimension of natural appeal.

A Bright Future Awaits

While Pittsburgh has made impressive progress already, many longtime residents expect the future to be even better. As a result, more people from all over are considering moving to Pittsburgh themselves and experiencing the features that have made the city such a favorite for so many.

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